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Join the movement to get 75% of all black church members registered and ready to vote.

Enroll your church now:

Black churches around the nation are working together to make sure at least 75% of their congregations show up on Election Day in November.

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The 2020 election will carry historic consequences. Our people and communities have the most at stake. We can't afford to sit this one out.

As people of faith, the first step to securing our future is to make sure our people can vote. No matter how big or small your church, you can make a difference.

BlackChurch75 created a free tool to make that easy.

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How it works:

1) Sign Up to Participate

Enroll your church in the Black Church 75 program.

2) Add Your Members

Submit key member info and see how close your church is to 75% voter registration.

3) Take Action

See which members still need to get registered - and what you can do to help.

Ready to get started?

Sign up now or get in touch.

This non-partisan initiative is presented by the National Action Network and The Collective.


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